VIE Water is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water to people in Haiti and in other developing countries. VIE Water is additionally committed to serving communities in a manner that empowers them to grow and develop into their full potential. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, our mission is to inform people of this huge water crisis in our neighboring country.

The VIE Water team is composed of dedicated individuals who come together for one cause - to bring clean drinking water to children in great need. More like a family than anything else, the team is thrilled to lend their unique talents to this cause. We also have an extensive volunteer roster providing time, expertise, and love to carry out the VIE Water vision. We sincerely thank everyone who has shown support in our cause, whether it be extended invitations to your events, carrying our water in your place of business, or simply promoting our foundation. Without you none of this would be possible.

The VIE Water Team

Mickelson Civil


Our founder, Mickelson Civil, an honors graduate from Florida State Film School, knows firsthand the effects of days without water. Growing up in Citè Soleil, the poorest area in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, Mickelson was constantly ill due to contaminated water. He also suffered the loss of friends and family as a result of waterborne diseases. In 2005, Procter & Gamble commissioned Mickelson to direct a commercial in Haiti for a water purification product. The project reconnected Mickelson to the water crisis that overshadows lives in Haiti. Mickelson is dedicated to making sure children have clean drinking water.

Lexy Bibow

Public Relations Director

Lexy came to creatively communicate and publicize efforts to provide clean drinking water to the people of Haiti in September 2009 as VIE Water's Public Relations Director. A charismatic dancer and enthusiastic social coordinator, she hopes to initiate positive buzz and promote parties with a purpose. Lexy intuitively believes VIE Water happened for a reason and cannot wait to GIVE WATER and GIVE LIFE.

Katie Bowerman

Promotions Director

Katie became involved with the Vie Water Vision in March of 2009 for clothing design. After Falling in love with the mission of Vie Water, she has since become a board member and started on staff as Promotions Director. Katie thanks God for the opportunity to serve the country of Haiti with such an incredible organization and group of people.

Kyle Bowerman

Campus Coordinator

Kyle came to Los Angeles in 2008 to participate in a 10-month program at the Los Angeles Dream Center, he met Mickelson in December 2008 and joined forces with him in the Vie Water Vision. Kyle plans to become a paramedic and bring doctors, nurses, and medicine into Haiti in addition to clean water. Kyle plans on working towards a better future for Haiti for the entirety of his life. He believes that VIE Water is God's plan for his life and is excited for what the future holds as the VIE Water vision unfolds.

Ben Herrera

Liquidity Coordinator

Ben is thankful to be part of the great VIE Water team. Humbled and ignited, Ben is dedicated to changing the harsh reality that many Haitian people face of going without a clean glass of water for days. Ben thanks the Lord for being privileged with the opportunity to become part of the solution to this major global crisis. Thanking Almighty God and his Savior, Jesus Christ, for this major opportunity to help is his major purpose for joining VIE Water.