Get Involved

Sponsor a well! It costs $5,000-$8,000 to build one well. We extend the request for your contribution toward well construction.

Host a VIE Water event! Get your business, clients, or collaborators involved by providing talent, venue, or products to raise funds at an event that includes VIE Water.

Order VIE Water! Various VIE Water products are available for purchase: cases of VIE Water-labeled water bottles for your home or business, reusable glass bottles and coffee cups, t-shirts, bracelets, etc.

Volunteer! Volunteer at a VIE Water event. Take pictures of VIE Water in action. Spread the VIE Water word. What is your expertise? Let us know how you would like to help the VIE Water mission!

Carry Our Water

If you are interested in carrying VIE Water, please contact us via our contact page or:

326 N. Western Ave #295
Los Angeles, CA 90004.